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Rug Repair
A rug is often used for protective and decorative purposes. Not only does it help you keep the floor protected, but it also makes the room aesthetically pleasing. Oftentimes, due to its everyday usage, rugs can get ripped, torn, and damaged. Worry no more because Avon Rug Gallery has got you all covered! No matter the age, type, or condition of your rug, our repair services will make sure that it is in good hands.
Rug Cleaning
There are rugs anywhere - beneath the bed, on the doorsteps, under the dining table, at the center of a living room, you name it. Rugs are made like carpets, but smaller so that it can be moveable and can be used to keep a specific area neat and tidy. But rugs get dirty, too! With our cleaning services, we can make your rugs look not only clean but as good as new. We have experts in cleaning rugs of different sizes, materials, and kinds. Give us a call now and have your rugs look as good as new!
Persian Rug Cleaning
Persian rugs are one of the most expensive rugs. Some rugs of this kind take months to weave and to make. What makes Persian rugs special is that it’s not made of synthetic materials but of all-natural silk, wools, and other components. These kinds of rugs are so valuable that some are even displayed in galleries. To clean rugs like these takes time and skill, and the best way to have it cleaned is to let the experts handle it. Here in Avon Rug Gallery, we have experts who can clean and make your valuable Persian rugs look brand new. We make sure to give your Persian rugs the best treatment it can have to preserve its beauty and quality for years to come. Book our services today and see for yourself what rug transformations we can do.

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